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Fire On Crimean Bridge. What Happened

Fire On Crimean Bridge. What Happened

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Russian media reports that there is a powerful fire on the railway branch of the Crimean Bridge.

This is written by the RIA Novosti propaganda agency, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"According to preliminary data, a fuel tanker is on fire on one of the sections of the Crimean Bridge, the navigable arches are not damaged, the adviser to the head of Crimea reported," Russian mass media reports.

The statement also states that traffic on the bridge has been stopped.

Information about the fire on the bridge appeared on the network around 7 a.m.

In the videos published on the network, you can see that the road surface was also damaged.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine during this week (October 3-7) liberated 776 square kilometers of territory from the Russian occupation in the east of Ukraine and 29 settlements, including 6 in the Luhansk Region.

During yesterday, the combat aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out 11 strikes against the positions of the Russian occupation army, striking the concentration of personnel and the enemy's air defense equipment.