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Part Of Crimean Bridge Collapsed As Result Of Powerful Fire

Part Of Crimean Bridge Collapsed As Result Of Powerful Fire

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A serious fire broke out on the Krymskyi Bridge, as a result of which the road surface was damaged. This was reported by the Russian propaganda publication RIA Novosti with reference to the "adviser of the head of Crimea."

In the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea, on the morning of October 8, a fire broke out on the railway branch of the Kerch Bridge. A fuel tank on a freight train caught fire there. The occupiers confirmed the fact of an extraordinary event, declaring that traffic at the crossing was blocked. At the same time, footage of another "cotton" on the peninsula began to be published online.

Residents of Kerch posted videos of the fire. According to them, it happened around 06:00 a.m. - a part of the crossing was immediately engulfed in flames, a thick column of smoke rose above the place of the extraordinary event.

The propagandists, referring to the words of the so-called adviser to the "head" of Crimea, note that the road surface of the bridge was also damaged, and "the navigable arches are intact." It is known that two spans of the road collapsed there.

The Crimean Railway said that a fuel tank caught fire in the tail of a freight train on the bridge.

"The locomotive with part of the wagons was brought to the Kerch station. Emergency work is underway. The causes of the incident are being established," the authority said.