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SBI Finds Documents Of Occupiers With Lists Of Prisoners And Collaborators Near Lyman

SBI Finds Documents Of Occupiers With Lists Of Prisoners And Collaborators Near Lyman

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After the liberation of Lyman in the Donetsk Region by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) employees began documenting the crimes committed by the Russian invaders and their accomplices and found documents of the occupiers with lists of prisoners and collaborators.

Ukrainian News Agency was informed about this by the SBI.

In the village of Yatskivka near Lyman, the SBI employees discovered the headquarters of the occupiers.

The headquarters was set up in one of the private houses.

Lists of captured and illegally arrested people were found in the building.

Among other things, documents containing the data of persons and questionnaires of candidates for positions who decided to work for the invaders in captured enterprises and organizations were seized.

The discovered evidence will be carefully studied by the SBI with the aim of bringing to justice anyone who has committed actions against national security.

Stabilization measures in the de-occupied Lyman continue.

Priority investigative actions are being carried out, in particular within the framework of already opened criminal proceedings against local traitors and collaborators.

Investigators continue to collect the evidence base of the involvement of those involved in cooperation with the occupiers and conducting subversive activities against the state integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

Mobile phones, memory cards and other equipment were seized.

The testimonies of local residents about the commission of offenses were collected.

Events are held together with employees of other law enforcement agencies.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a Russian fighter-bomber worth USD 36 million in Lyman, Donetsk Region.

The Ukrainian flag was solemnly raised over Lyman.