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Occupiers Attack Zaporizhzhia At Night With Kamikaze Drones For First Time

Occupiers Attack Zaporizhzhia At Night With Kamikaze Drones For First Time

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On the night of Friday, October 7, the Russian invaders hit two districts of Zaporizhzhia. As a result of the attack, a civilian was injured. Oleksandr Starukh, the head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Military Administration, announced this in Telegram.

Thus, Starukh reported that the occupiers used Iranian kamikaze drones during the attack on Zaporizhzhia for the first time tonight.

"The occupier used unmanned aerial vehicles for the first time. Previously, they were Shahed-136 UAVs. That is why the townspeople did not hear too loud explosions," Starukh said.

He also noted that as a result of the Russian shelling, one person was injured and was hospitalized. Infrastructure facilities were also destroyed.

The head of the Regional Military Administration said that the enemy uses all available weapons against civilians, namely:

  • rockets;
  • MLRS;
  • artillery;
  • kamikaze drones

"Be careful. Do not touch ammunition remnants. Do not take photos, shoot videos and spread information about attacks. Trust official sources. Follow safety measures. Secure yourself and your loved ones," he urged.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Russian invaders continue to attack Ukraine with Iranian kamikaze drones. On Thursday, October 6, the Ukrainian military shot down two such drones and one Mohajer-6 attack drone on the approach to the Mykolaiv Region.

As of the morning of October 7, emergency rescue operations are underway at the site of residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia that were destroyed by a rocket attack on October 6. According to the State Emergency Service, 21 people were rescued, 11 were killed.