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White House Responds To Elon Musk's "Peaceful Ideas"

White House Responds To Elon Musk's "Peaceful Ideas"

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White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre has commented on the "peace initiatives" of American businessman Elon Musk, who suggested that Ukraine abandon Crimea and declare neutrality to end the war with Russia.

She voiced her reaction at a briefing on October 4, European Pravda reports.

According to her, everything about Ukraine will not be discussed without Ukraine.

“Anything about Ukraine — we are not going to talk about Ukraine without Ukraine.  It is their decision to make when it comes to any diplomacy or negotiations in that regard.  And so, I leave that to the Ukrainian people. But look, you know, we’re going to make sure that we’re going to be there for the Ukrainians as they fight for their own — for their sovereignty.  And their — that decision about their sovereignty, about their freedom, about their democracy will be made with them,” she said.

Recall that the American businessman Elon Musk, amid the collapse of the shares of his company Tesla, wrote a tweet in which he proposed to hold another "referendum" in the annexed territories, but under the supervision of the UN, transfer Crimea to Russia and give Ukraine neutral status. Explaining his opinion, he noted that Russia can use nuclear weapons. Later, he wrote that Russia is more than three times larger than Ukraine, so it will be able to mobilize more military.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians on social networks were outraged by Elon Musk's "peace plan."