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British intelligence announces AFU’s significant success on 2 fronts

British intelligence announces AFU’s significant success on 2 fronts

British intelligence, AFU, significant, announces, fronts, success


The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to achieve success in offensive operations on both the northeastern and southern fronts.

This follows from a statement by the British Ministry of Defense on Twitter.

As noted in the summary, in the northeast, in the Kharkiv Region, Ukraine has now occupied a significant part of the territory east of the Oskil River. Ukrainian formations advanced up to 20 km across the river. in the Russian defense zone in the direction of the supply hub, the city of Svatove.

"It is very likely that Ukraine can now strike the key Svatove-Kreminna road with most of its artillery systems, which will further limit Russia's ability to replenish its units in the east," the report said.

Politically, the Russian leadership will most likely be concerned about the approach of advanced Ukrainian units to the borders of the Luhansk region, which, as Russia declared, it officially annexed last Friday, the British Ministry of Defense notes.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the Ministry of Defense reported on Tuesday that the Armed Forces of Ukraine took control of the village of Davydiv Brid in the Kherson Region and raised the Ukrainian flag there.

On October 3, the Ministry of Defense of Russia recognized a breakthrough by the AFU in their defense in the directions of Zolota Balka and Oleksandrivka in the Kherson Region.

Meanwhile, last day, October 4, the Ukrainian military repelled the attempts of the Russian invaders in the areas of ten settlements. Aviation struck 11 areas of concentration of enemy equipment and weapons.


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