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Ukrainian Military Enter Drobysheve, Which Is Few Kilometers From Lyman

Ukrainian Military Enter Drobysheve, Which Is Few Kilometers From Lyman

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The Ukrainian military took control of the urban-type village of Drobysheve, which is located near Lyman in the Donetsk Region.

This is written by the officer of the AFU, Anatolii Shtefan.

"Drobysheve - a village in the Lymanska urban territorial community of the Donetsk Region is under control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," he wrote.

Also, the 81st a separate airmobile brigade recorded a video in which it announced the de-occupation of the settlement on Friday, September 30. Soldiers pose against the background of a destroyed building with the Ukrainian flag.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, analysts of the Institute for the Study of War published a report in which it is said that the Ukrainian military probably took Lyman in a semi-circle.

The LPR grouping said that the Russian troops allegedly sent several combat tactical groups and aviation to unblock Lyman, in which the occupying group was trapped in a semi-circle.

According to the information referred to by ISW experts, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are attacking Lyman simultaneously from three sides.

We will remind, also today the head of the so-called DPR Denys Pushylin confirmed that the Russian troops in Lyman were in a semi-circle.