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ECU will start supplying electricity to Poland from October

ECU will start supplying electricity to Poland from October

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The Energy Company of Ukraine state-owned energy trader(ECU) will start supplying electricity to Poland from October 1.

This follows from a statement by ECU, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

"ECU received the right to export electricity to Poland with a capacity of 110 MW as a result of the victory in the daytime auction, which was held by the Ukrenergo transmission system operator on September 29. As a result of the competitive struggle, the state energy trader pushed out the dominant private player and received the right to supply 50% of the volume of exports offered at the auction," the message says.

According to the general director of ECU, Vitalii Butenko, in recent years, state-owned companies have not exported electricity to Poland, and now the state will once again make money where only private companies used to make money.

"In just one day, Ukrenergo received almost 35% of everything it earned on the Polish route for the previous five months. This is the third export direction entered by the state energy trader ECU. Today, the company also participates in daily export auctions for Romania and Slovakia. ECU buys all electricity for supplies to the domestic and foreign markets from Energoatom through the Ukrainian Energy Exchange on market terms. Up to 80 electronic bidders participate in the auctions," the message says.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, in August, ECU started commercial activities.

On June 28, the Cabinet of Ministers transferred from the sphere of management of the Ministry of Energy under the management of the Ministry of Economy the authority to manage corporate rights belonging to the state in the authorized capital of ECU.

ECU is a multi-disciplinary energy supply enterprise that carries out operations of purchase, sale, supply and market optimization of energy consumption for commercial customers.

The company operates on the domestic and foreign markets of energy resources.

100% of the company's shares belong to the state.


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