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Belarus Preparing To Accept 20,000 Mobilized From Russia - Intelligence

Belarus Preparing To Accept 20,000 Mobilized From Russia - Intelligence

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Belarus is preparing to accept 20,000 mobilized from Russia.

The Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense has announced this, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In Belarus, they are preparing places to accommodate 20,000 mobilized from the Russian Federation. They should replenish the units of the Russian Armed Forces stationed in Belarus. As a result, the ratio of "experienced" and "young" military should be 1 to 5," the Defense Intelligence said.

It is planned to use existing military funds, as well as civilian premises and buildings.

Warehouses, hangars and other premises of abandoned agricultural enterprises and farms are transferred to these needs.

Appropriate instructions were provided to the Armed Forces of Belarus and local councils.

After the increase in staff, the units will use Russian military equipment from warehouses in Belarus.

The strengthening is also planned due to equipment and weapons removed from storage on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Due to the lack of equipment for the transportation of personnel of the occupation forces, it is planned to mobilize civilian trucks and cars.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, about 13,000 current and former military from Belarus agreed to participate in Russia's war against Ukraine.