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Gas reserves in USF make 14 billion cubic meters – Cabinet

Gas reserves in USF make 14 billion cubic meters – Cabinet

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Gas reserves in underground storage facilities amount to almost 14 billion cubic meters.

This follows from a statement by the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

"Everyone is preparing for the most difficult heating season. I am grateful to the regions for the level of preparation, which is already more than 88% today. The government, for its part, continues to work on ensuring energy resources. We currently have almost 14 billion cubic meters of gas and 2.2 million tons of coal," Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said during a conference call.

He emphasized that the key task for the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories, and responsible bodies in the coming weeks is to reach 100% readiness for the heating season.

Shmyhal also reported that the day before, the government allocated UAH 562 million of subvention to the regions to purchase firewood.

According to him, this will make it possible to purchase 400,000 cubic meters of wood for distribution to people in the frontline.

Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko noted that it is planned to accumulate 14.5-15 billion cubic meters at the beginning of the heating season.

In addition, there are agreements to import a specific volume of gas to create a reserve stock.

In turn, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources reported that it is planned to sell 5 million cubic meters of firewood for this heating season.

At the same time, according to the Ministry of Environment, all wood needs are fully met today.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers expects that as of October 1, gas reserves in underground storage facilities will amount to 14.5-15 billion cubic meters, and plans to receive 2 billion cubic meters of gas from the United States during the fourth quarter of 2022 - the first quarter of 2023.

Previously, the Cabinet of Ministers instructed the Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company to ensure the accumulation of 19 billion cubic meters of gas in USF before the start of the heating season.

As of April 9, gas reserves in underground storage decreased by 41.8%, or by 6.4 billion cubic meters, up to 9.1 billion cubic meters compared to data on the same date last year (15.58 billion cubic meters).

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