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Both Nord Streams Destroyed Forever, Damage To Pipes Very Large - Media

Both Nord Streams Destroyed Forever, Damage To Pipes Very Large - Media

Nord Stream-2, Nord Stream, Nord Stream 1

Three pipes of the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea may become permanently unusable after explosions. It is reported by Tagesspiegel, citing sources in government circles.

It is noted that if the pipelines are not quickly repaired, a large amount of salt water will get inside and corrode them. Since the damage on the pipes is very large, they can get a lot of water.

Like the European Commission, Germany's security agencies and the BND federal intelligence service see an act of sabotage. Due to the complexity of the attack, experts and German government circles believe that only a state unit could carry it out. It is assumed that Russia is behind this, but the motive remains unclear.

The BND currently plays a leading role in reconnaissance, assessing satellite images of ship movements in the run-up to the explosions.

One suggestion presupposes that the divers probably planted explosives under two Nord Stream 1 pipes and in one of two Nord Stream 2 pipes.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Germany almost completely filled the gas storage, despite the shutdown of Nord Stream.

In late August, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said EU member states had managed to fill gas storage at 80% capacity.

Over the past few months, Norway has been able to oust Russia from the European market and become the main gas supplier to European countries.

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