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UK Imposes Sanctions Against Russia Due To Pseudo-Referendums In Occupied Territories Of Ukraine

UK Imposes Sanctions Against Russia Due To Pseudo-Referendums In Occupied Territories Of Ukraine

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The United Kingdom has imposed sanctions against Russia due to pseudo-referendums in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

This is stated in the message of the British government, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The Foreign Secretary has today (26 September) announced 92 sanctions in response to the Russian regime imposing sham referendums in 4 regions of Ukraine – a clear violation of international law, including the UN charter,” it says.

It is noted that the so-called referendums are not the will of the Ukrainian people and are a gross violation of the territorial integrity and political independence of Ukraine.

“Sham referendums held at the barrel of a gun cannot be free or fair and we will never recognise their results. They follow a clear pattern of violence, intimidation, torture, and forced deportations in the areas of Ukraine Russia has seized. Today’s sanctions will target those behind these sham votes, as well as the individuals that continue to prop up the Russian regime’s war of aggression. We stand with the Ukrainian people and our support will continue as long as it takes to restore their sovereignty,” the Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said

Sanctions were imposed against 33 officials and collaborators whom the Russian Federation sent to the temporarily occupied territories of 4 regions of Ukraine.

These include the "head of government" in Kherson Sergei Yeliseyev, the "minister of education and science" of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic Ivan Kusov, the "head of government" in Zaporizhzhia Yevhen Balytskyi, the "deputy chairman of the government" of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Evgeniy Solntsev.

IMA Consulting, branded ‘Putin’s favourite PR agency’, Goznak, a security documents company known for its monopoly on the production of ‘tens of millions’ of state documents including expedited passports in the temporarily controlled territories, were also sanctioned.

The sanctions also hit oligarchs God Nisanov, Zarakh Iliev, Iskander Makhmudov and Igor Makarov.

In addition, today's package also includes 55 members of the board of Russian-related organizations that continue to finance the Russian military machine:

- 23 individuals from the Gazprombank Board of Directors and Management Board;

- 16 members of the Sberbank Supervisory Board, Executive Board, and other Directors;

- 10 individuals from Sovcombank, including the Deputy Chairman and members of the Supervisory Board and Management Board.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, eight countries are helping Russia hold pseudo-referendums.

The LPR said that in three days of a "referendum" on the accession of the "republic" to Russia, almost 76% of the people included in the lists voted.

The DPR says that the turnout at the end of the three days of the "referendum" was 77.12%.

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