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Will Mobilization In Russia Affect Course Of War. Expert Gives Forecast

Will Mobilization In Russia Affect Course Of War. Expert Gives Forecast

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The partial mobilization announced in the Russian Federation will not affect the course of the war in Ukraine. A military expert, Colonel Serhii Hrabskyi expressed this opinion in an interview.

Thus, Hrabskyi noted that since April, the Russian occupiers have not had significant success in the Donbas.

"It's too late. After Ukraine regained consciousness, they advanced only in the Luhansk Region and only at a distance of less than 50 kilometers. Since April, when they announced their intention to capture the Donbas, there has been no more advance," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Rostov Region was closed for entry and exit due to mobilization.

The Russian Federation will have organizational difficulties in ensuring everything necessary for the preparation of mobilized. Because of this, they may be on the front lines after minimal training.

Also in Vladivostok, reserve servicemen, who are planned to be involved in hostilities against Ukraine as part of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation, were given rusty assault rifles at the recruitment point.

Meanwhile, Russian citizens who do not live at the place of residence are obliged to appear within three days.