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New Wave Of Protests Breaks Out In Dagestan

New Wave Of Protests Breaks Out In Dagestan

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Rallies against forced mobilization of men continue in Dagestan. Protests are reported in different cities of the republic.

The protesters are posting videos on social media.

The largest rally is taking place in Makhachkala. There, several hundred people went into the city center and demanded that the mobilization stop. The protest soon turned into a fight with police. It is known about 20 detainees.

In the city of Khasavyurt, about a hundred people came to a protest rally. A peaceful demonstration there quickly escalated into clashes with police officers as well. Security forces are trying to detain the protesters, but they are fighting back.

In the city of Nalchik, local officials tried to talk to protesters. When asked how many people were mobilized, they did not answer.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Rostov Region was closed for entry and exit due to mobilization.

The Russian Federation will have organizational difficulties in ensuring everything necessary for the preparation of mobilized. Because of this, they may be on the front lines after minimal training.

Also in Vladivostok, reserve servicemen, who are planned to be involved in hostilities against Ukraine as part of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation, were given rusty assault rifles at the recruitment point.

Meanwhile, Russian citizens who do not live at the place of residence are obliged to appear within three days.