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LPR And DPR Declare That "Referendum" Held. “Turnout” Up To 77%

LPR And DPR Declare That "Referendum" Held. “Turnout” Up To 77%

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The LPR grouping said that during the three days of the "referendum" on the accession of the "republic" to Russia almost 76% of the people, included in the lists, voted.

This is reported by Novyny Donbasu with reference to the separatist resource LITs.

They claim that more than a million voters voted in the three days of the "referendum". Luhansk allegedly became the leader of the turnout, where it was 80.99% of all voters.

"The figures show that the referendum was held," declare the occupiers in Luhansk.

The DPR grouping also claims a high turnout: it allegedly amounted to 77.12%. More than a million people are said to have voted.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on Tuesday, September 20, the so-called DPR and LPR announced that "referendums" on joining Russia will allegedly take place between September 23 and 27.

According to Western analysts, Russia wants to hold "referendums" to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of attacking Russia.

Ukrainians who remained in the occupied territory must resist with all their might attempts to be drawn into the so-called referendum. Criminal liability is provided for participation in it.