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Occupiers Handed Over 1,000 Summonses To Conscripts In Sevastopol

Occupiers Handed Over 1,000 Summonses To Conscripts In Sevastopol

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The occupation authorities handed over 1,000 summonses to conscripts in Sevastopol in connection with partial mobilization.

This was announced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In Sevastopol of the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea, about a thousand summonses were handed out to men of draft age," the authority reports.

Representatives of the occupying forces assure the mobilized personnel that their service will take place in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson Region until the end of the term of the so-called special operation.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the President's Office stated that the mass mobilization of Crimean Tatars, which was started by Russia, is a real ethnic genocide, the purpose of which is to clear the territories of a disloyal population.

Residents of occupied Crimea receive summonses to the Russian army through the state services website. Men in Crimea began to receive summonses to the Russian army. In addition, there is information that representatives of the occupation forces can patrol the streets of cities and look for men of conscription age for the subsequent delivery of summonses.

On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russians in which he announced the beginning of partial mobilization in the country.