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AFU Destroy 8 Kamikaze Drones Per Day

AFU Destroy 8 Kamikaze Drones Per Day

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 8 kamikaze drones in a day.

The speaker of the Air Force Command Yurii Ihnat stated this on the air of the telethon, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Over the past day, 8 such drones were destroyed. They can be destroyed by various means: from small arms to anti-aircraft missiles," Ihnat said.

According to the speaker, now the Ukrainian military is studying the strengths and weaknesses of kamikaze drones.

It is noted that for the first time, the Iranian Shahed 136 drone was shot down on September 13 in Kupyansk, Kharkiv Region.

Kamikaze drones were, in particular, used on September 23 and 25 for attacks on Odesa.

On September 23, two drones destroyed the administration building in the port area, a civilian was killed.

Some of the drones were shot down.

On September 25, the enemy again attacked Odesa with drones - there was a hit in the administration building in the city center.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Russia in recent days has reduced the number of missile attacks on Ukraine, but is increasing attacks with kamikaze drones, which it received from Iran.

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