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Shooting Occurred At Military Commissariat In Irkutsk Oblast

Shooting Occurred At Military Commissariat In Irkutsk Oblast

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In Russia, in the town of Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Oblast, there was a shooting at the military commissariat.

This was reported by the Babr Mash Telegram-channel, the fact was confirmed to IrCity by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the oblast. The details of what happened are being clarified.

As a source in the law enforcement agencies informed IrCity, the information about the death of the head of the conscription commission, where the shooting took place, is unreliable, the military is alive, but wounded.

The shooter has already been detained. The source did not say whether he was among those subject to partial mobilization or not.

According to the Mash Telegram-channel, the shooter, before shooting, declared "No one will fight."

According to Baza, the shooter was detained. He turned out to be a local resident born in 1997.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Rostov Oblast was closed for entry and exit due to mobilization.

The Russian Federation will have organizational difficulties in providing everything necessary for the training of the mobilized. Because of this, they can find themselves on the front line after minimal training.

Also in Vladivostok, reservists, who, as part of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation, are planned to be involved in hostilities against Ukraine, were given rusty automatic weapons at the assembly point.