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Mobilized Russians will be thrown to front almost without preparation – British intelligence

Mobilized Russians will be thrown to front almost without preparation – British intelligence

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The Russian Federation will have organizational difficulties in providing everything necessary for the training of the mobilized. Because of this, they can find themselves on the front line after minimal training.

This is stated in the review of British intelligence on the war in Ukraine for September 26.

The first groups of mobilized people have already arrived at the bases and tens of thousands of summonses have been issued.

As noted, unlike many Western-style armies, recruits in the Russian Federation receive their first training in their designated units, and not in one or another training center.

"Usually, one of the battalions in each Russian brigade remained in garrison when the other two were deployed and could provide instructors for training recruits or replenishment. However, the Russian Federation has already thrown many such third battalions into Ukraine," the intelligence says.

At the same time, many of the mobilized did not hold weapons in their hands for years.

"The lack of instructors and the haste with which Russia began mobilization suggest that many of the recruited soldiers will be thrown to the front line with minimal necessary training, and they will most likely suffer heavy losses," the review concludes.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, in Vladivostok, reservists, who as part of the partial mobilization in the RF plan to be involved in hostilities against Ukraine, were given rusty automatic weapons at the assembly point.

On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russians. In his speech, he announced the beginning of partial mobilization in the country.