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Putin Preparing For Long War And Riots Inside Russia, As Evidenced By Budget Spending Plan - Media

Putin Preparing For Long War And Riots Inside Russia, As Evidenced By Budget Spending Plan - Media

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for the fact that the war against Ukraine will drag on for a longer period than originally expected. He intends to increase Russian budget spending on defense by almost half.

This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to Russia's budget plan for the next three years, which was at its disposal.

According to the document, in the next two years, Russia's defense spending will exceed initial assumptions by more than 43%.

At that, spending on national security and the law enforcement system will increase by about 40%.

At the same time, funding for education and culture in 2023 practically does not increase. And environmental costs will be 25% less than this year's level.

It also becomes clear from the document that in 2023 it is planned to spend RUB 16 billion on mobilization. In 2024-2025, the Russian authorities intend to spend RUB 16.5 billion on the call per year.

Such changes to Russia's budget plan indicate a greater commitment of the Russian leadership to a long war against Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in the second half of May this year, the British broadcaster Sky News reported that Russia spent half of the annual defense budget in three months of war against Ukraine.

According to Forbes, one day of war against Ukraine costs Russian taxpayers USD 400 million.

We also reported that the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation proposed to abandon a number of state programs for RUB 1.6 trillion.

According to experts and analysts, full-scale aggression against Ukraine threw the Russian economy to the level of 2018.