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Men In Crimea Began To Receive Summons To Russian Army - CrimeaSOS

Men In Crimea Began To Receive Summons To Russian Army - CrimeaSOS

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Residents of the occupied Crimea receive summons to the Russian army through the website of public services. This was reported by the CrimeaSOS organization.

"As it became known to CrimeaSOS, men in the temporarily occupied Crimea began to receive summons to the Russian army through the public services website. If a person does not visit his personal account on the public services website for several days, the agenda will automatically be considered received," said Oleksii Tilnenko, the board chairman of CrimeaSOS.

In addition, there is information that representatives of law enforcement agencies can patrol the streets of cities and look for men of draft age for further presentation of summons.

The organization emphasizes that the decision to partially mobilize, which dictator Putin announced on September 21, also applies to the occupied territories, which is a war crime. Forced mobilization is prohibited by the Geneva Convention.

"Forcing citizens of the opposing party to participate in military actions directed against their own state is prohibited by the Hague regulations. It is also a violation of the laws and customs of war, according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine," the message says.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on Wednesday, September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russians andannounced the beginning of partial mobilization in the country.

The Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, who spoke after him, said that during the mobilization it is planned to call 300,000 people.

The State Duma of the Russian Federation, commenting on the decree on partial mobilization, said that it will mainly affect residents of the central and western regions of Russia.