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Hungarian PM Urges To Lift EU Sanctions Against Russia

Hungarian PM Urges To Lift EU Sanctions Against Russia

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that sanctions against Russia imposed by the European Union should be lifted due to the "energy crisis in Europe as a consequence." This was reported by Reuters on Thursday, September 22.

Orban said that EU sanctions have increased gas prices and caused inflation, and if these measures are canceled, prices will immediately fall by 50%, inflation will also decrease.

"Without sanctions, Europe could regain strength and avoid a threatened recession. Sanctions harm Europe more than Russia. Brussels sanctions have pushed Europe into an energy crisis," the Hungarian Prime Minister is quoted by the publication.

Orban said in July that the EU had "shot itself in the lungs" with ill-conceived economic sanctions against Russia that, if not lifted, risk destroying the European economy.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on September 18, the European Commission recommended suspending funding to Hungary in the amount of about EUR 7.5 billion.

On September 6, European media reported that Hungary intends to block the continuation of a number of sanctions against Russia.

At the end of August, it became known that the Hungarian authorities opposed visa restrictions for Russians, which some European Union countries had previously proposed.