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Ukraine exchanges one fan of Russia for 200 soldiers – Zelenskyy

Ukraine exchanges one fan of Russia for 200 soldiers – Zelenskyy

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, commenting on the release of Ukrainian defenders from captivity in exchange for Verkhovna Rada member Viktor Medvedchuk, noted that Ukraine exchanged one Russian fan for 200 soldiers.

President Zelenskyy said this in a nightly video address, the Ukrainian News agency reports.

"We exchanged one fan of Russia for 200 soldiers. At first, we were offered to return 50 of our people in exchange for one of those who were in the detention center of the SSU. We talked. We insisted. The number of 50 increased to two hundred. They are already in Ukraine. I believe this is a good result. Although even more than 200... Because among the released Ukrainian women there are those who are preparing to become mothers," he said.

Zelenskyi reported that out of 215 released Ukrainian defenders, 108 fighters of Azov, a total of 188 heroes of Azovstal and Mariupol, eight were injured during the Russian terrorist attack in Olenivka.

He noted that Dmytro Kozatskyi is the famous “Orest” photographer from Azovstal and Kateryna Polishchuk is "Ptashka" among those released.

"It's not a shame to give Medvedchuk a real soldier. He went through all the investigative steps required by law. Ukraine received from him everything necessary to establish the truth within the framework of criminal proceedings," Zelenskyy said.

The President also announced that in exchange for five Ukrainian combat commanders, 55 of those who fought against Ukraine and those who betrayed Ukraine were given.

Zelenskyy noted that the five released commanders, under an agreement with Turkish President Recep Erdogan, will be in complete safety in Turkey under Erdogan's personal protection until the end of the war, but their families will be provided with the opportunity to see them.

These are the commander of Azov Denys Prokopenko ("Radis"), acting commander of the 36th separate brigade of marines Serhii Volynskyi ("Volyn"), Sviatoslav Palamar ("Azov"), Oleg Khomenko ("Azov"), Denys Shleha (National Guard).

The president also announced that among the 10 foreign citizens released through the mediation of Saudi Arabia, who were in Russian captivity - five citizens of Great Britain, two citizens of the United States, one citizen of Morocco, a citizen of Sweden and a citizen of Croatia.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, Ukraine returned 215 defenders from Russian captivity in exchange for Medvedchuk and 55 Russian prisoners.

On Wednesday evening, it became known from Telegram channels that Ukraine returned from Russian captivity several defenders of Azovstal, including Kateryna Polishchuk "Ptashka."

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