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Germany Will Not Recognize Results Of "Referendums" In Occupied Territories Of Ukraine

Germany Will Not Recognize Results Of "Referendums" In Occupied Territories Of Ukraine

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Germany does not intend to recognize the results of the so-called "referendums" that Russia wants to hold in the temporarily occupied territories of the east and south of Ukraine.

The corresponding statement was made by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, quoted by Deutsche Welle.

"It's quite clear that these bogus "referendums" are unacceptable," Scholz told reporters.

According to him, the conditions for holding "referendums" do not correspond to international rights and agreements that have been achieved by the international community.

Recall, earlier on Monday, September 19, the so-called "public chamber" of the LPR terrorist group appealed to the leader of the militants with a call for an immediate "referendum" on joining Russia.

After some time, a similar situation occurred in the so-called DPR.

Later, the occupation authorities of the Kherson Region also announced their intention to hold a so-called "referendum" on joining Russia.

We also reported that today, September 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to make an appeal on "referendums" in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

And the Office of the President of Ukraine in response to this situation said that no "referendums" will prevent the de-occupation of the territories seized by Russia.