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Ukraine In 2023 Will Receive Military Assistance From UK For At Least EUR 2.6 Billion - Truss

Ukraine In 2023 Will Receive Military Assistance From UK For At Least EUR 2.6 Billion - Truss

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In 2023, the United Kingdom intends to provide military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the amount of at least EUR 2.6 billion. The UK Prime Minister Liz Truss is due to announce this on Thursday, September 22.

Relevant information is published on the official website of the Government of the United Kingdom.

“Prime Minister Liz Truss will use her visit to New York this week to solidify the UK’s commitment to Ukraine’s security and territorial integrity, with the announcement that the UK will match or exceed our record 2022 military support to Ukraine next year,” the publication said.

Truss should announce that next year the UK will provide Ukraine with military assistance at a level that will either respond or exceed the level of assistance this year.

It is noted that in 2022 the UK allocated EUR 2.6 billion for military assistance to Ukraine. The country has become the second in terms of the volume of provided support.

The specific nature of military assistance to Ukraine will be determined based on the real needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, it is already known that in 2023 the UK intends to transfer to the Ukrainian military additional Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS).

Prime Minister Truss noted that the recent victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "have been inspirational." According to her, the Ukrainian people show again and again what they are capable of when they receive the necessary military, economic and political support.

"My message to the people of Ukraine is this: the UK will continue to be right behind you every step of the way. Your security is our security," Truss said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on August 12, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that the UK would transfer to Ukraine additional MLRS and a significant amount of ammunition to them.

And in late July, United Kingdom Secretary of Defence Ben Wallace announced new supplies of weapons and military property to Ukraine.

We also reported that the UK has committed itself to train 10,000 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to conduct an infantry battle.