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Further Fighting Will Be Collapse For Russia - Defense Intelligence

Further Fighting Will Be Collapse For Russia - Defense Intelligence

Russian President Vladimir Putin, general mobilization, Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The announcement of a general mobilization in Russia will be a significant blow to the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, since it will be a recognition of the real war and the inability of the Russian Federation to achieve its goals in Ukraine. This is stated in the message of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Facebook on Tuesday, September 20.

"To declare a general mobilization means to declare war on Ukraine and to recognize that Russia is an aggressor country. Today we have begun to collect information - such mobilization information rhetoric in the Russian Federation has increased very much. Zyuganov and other Russian political figures say that yes, indeed, there is a war, and that the Russian army cannot cope, it is necessary to declare war and mobilization. Again, at the same time, they say that we will wage war not just with Ukraine, but with NATO and the United States, because they are fighting on the side of Ukraine," it was said.

The Defense Intelligence emphasizes that Russia understands the need to attract additional resources, so the announcement of a general mobilization will only be in the hands of Ukraine, because the youth of the Russian Federation do not want to fight, and military actions are supported by people over 50 years who themselves will not go to the front. The announcement of the general mobilization will be an indicator that will show the readiness of Russians for war: "The resource in Russia is exhaustive. We will try to inflict such losses so that the enemy understands that further hostilities will be a collapse for it," the intelligence agency notes.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on September 20, the State Duma of Russia adopted a law on amendments to the Criminal Code, which introduce the concepts of "mobilization," "martial law" and "wartime."

On September 20, the head of the Presidential Office, Andrii Yermak, said that the Russian Federation, for fear of defeat, continues primitive manipulations to prepare for the organization of so-called "referendums" on Ukrainian territory and "mobilization."

At the same time, analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) report that there is panic in the Kremlin due to a successful counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as evidenced by attempts to immediately organize "referendums" in the temporarily occupied territories.