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Over 90 Bodies Already Exhumed In Izium - Kostin

Over 90 Bodies Already Exhumed In Izium - Kostin

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Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin said that more than 90 bodies of victims of Russian aggression have already been exhumed in Izium.

Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin said this in an interview with the FOX News channel, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Prosecutor General is on an official visit to the USA.

He also added that there are prosecutors, experts and investigators working at the scene of the events, who record new war crimes in the de-occupied territories every day.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated more than 8,000 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory. This is roughly the size of the state of Connecticut. In each of the cities, we find new evidence of war crimes, including the killing of civilians and torture. More than 10 places where people were tortured, including by electric current, have already been discovered..Our goal is to bring war criminals to justice and punish the crime of aggression. Therefore, we call on the international community to support the initiative to create a special international tribunal. We also continue to cooperate with the International Criminal Court and collect evidence of war crimes," Prosecutor General emphasized.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, exhumation of the bodies of the killed continues in de-occupied Izium in the Kharkiv Region. The work will continue for almost two more weeks.

A mass burial of people was found in the recently de-occupied Izium of the Kharkiv Region. Necessary procedural actions have been initiated.

The UN will send a mission to the site of mass burials in Izium.