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RF increases number of missiles it keeps in Black Sea

RF increases number of missiles it keeps in Black Sea

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There are four enemy Kalibr missile carrier ships in the Black Sea. The enemy can attack Ukraine from the sea with 30 cruise missiles.

This follows from a statement by the South Operational Command.

So, it is reported that 12 warships of the Russian Federation are located near the coast of the occupied Crimea.

"There are 12 warships maneuvering in the Black Sea, near the coast of Crimea, including 4 carriers of more than 30 Kalibr cruise missiles," the message says.

In addition, the command called on Ukrainians to be vigilant in view of the probable intensification of enemy aggression against civilian objects and infrastructure.

"Do not expose yourself to danger, follow the algorithm of actions in the event of an air alert, do not approach suspicious objects and restricted access zones on the coast and in the border areas," the military urged Ukrainians.

As Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the Navy published information that Russia keeps 3 ships with 20 Kalibr missiles in the Black Sea.

Meanwhile, Mykhailo Podoliak said that the Russian Z-community is beginning to realize little by little that Russia will not win this war, especially against the background of the successful counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Missile attacks on critical infrastructure of Ukraine are not only an act of revenge, but also an attempt to distract the Russians from the flight of their troops.


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