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Ukraine Reclaims 2,500 Sq Km From Russia In Kharkiv Region - ISW

Ukraine Reclaims 2,500 Sq Km From Russia In Kharkiv Region - ISW

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine have recaptured from the Russian occupiers about 2500 square kilometers in Kharkiv region during the counteroffensive as of September 9. This is stated by American the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which released its regular operational update.

According to ISW experts, Ukrainian forces are probably clearing out pockets of disorganized Russian troops that are in the zone of rapid offensive of Ukrainian units on Kupyansk, Izium and the Oskil River.

“Ukrainian forces may collapse Russian positions around Izyum if they sever Russian ground lines of communication (GLOCs) north and south of Izyum. Ukrainian forces continued to advance on Kupyansk and towards Izyum on September 9, and are undertaking measures to isolate the Russian Izyum grouping of forces. If Ukrainians are successful in severing the Russian GLOCs, then they will have an opportunity to create a cauldron around Izyum and collapse a major portion of the Russian positions in northeastern Ukraine,” ISW analysts say in their daily summary.

The document notes that the Kremlin is transferring resources to the Kharkiv-Izium line in an attempt to stop the Ukrainian counteroffensive, while at the same time refusing to publicly talk about Ukraine's successes in Kharkiv region. The counteroffensive probably prompted the Russian President Putin to convene a meeting with top Russian security forces and political figures on September 9. The Kremlin’s Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin would not comment on the "situation around Balakliya and other events in the zone of the "special operation."

American analysts from the ISW emphasize the fact that the counteroffensive in Kherson region continues simultaneously with operations on the Kharkov-Izium line. Ukrainian forces continue daily to attack Russian pontoon and ferry crossings in the south, but maintain strict operational silence, which may look like Ukrainian forces are not advancing.