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Pentagon Announces Ukraine's "Obvious Success" On Battlefield

Pentagon Announces Ukraine's "Obvious Success" On Battlefield

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On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the military support of Ukraine by allies is bearing fruit on the battlefield.

Austin said this while opening a meeting in the Rammstein format in Germany, European Pravda writes.

The head of the Pentagon emphasized that now the war is again at a key moment.

"Russian troops continue to brutally bombard Ukrainian cities and civilians with rocket and artillery fire. But Ukrainian forces have begun their counteroffensive in the south of the country. They are integrating the opportunities that we have all provided to fight and win back their sovereign territories," the head of the Pentagon said.

"Now we see the obvious success of our joint efforts on the battlefield. Every day we see the determination of allies and partners around the world to help Ukraine resist Russia's illegal imperialist unjustified war of aggression. We must evolve as the struggle evolves," added Lloyd Austin.

He emphasized that "the face of war is changing, as is the mission of this contact group."

"We will work together to train Ukrainian forces for the long term. We will work together to help integrate Ukraine's capabilities and strengthen its joint operations for the long term. We will work together to modernize our defense industrial base to meet Ukraine's long-term needs perspective, and we will work together on production and innovation to meet Ukraine's long-term self-defense needs," the U.S. Secretary of Defense noted.