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Shelling Of House In Center Of Kharkiv. 3 People Rescued From Rubble

Shelling Of House In Center Of Kharkiv. 3 People Rescued From Rubble

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Rescuers are clearing the rubble of a residential building in the Kyivskyi district of Kharkiv that came under fire on the morning of Tuesday, September 6. 3 people were resqued.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov reported this on Telegram.

"Rescuers are clearing the rubble in the center of Kharkiv. Three people - two women and a man - have already been rescued from the ruins of an apartment building. Previously, they were not injured," he wrote.

Rescue operations continue.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, an apartment building in the central part of the city was destroyed as a result of the morning strikes by the Russian army on Kharkiv. The administrative building was also damaged.

In addition, a technical inspection of the electric sirens will be carried out in Kharkiv. They will be turned on on September 7 at 02:25 p.m. Residents are asked to inform the Kharkiv City Dispatch Service at number 1562 about the absence of sound signals from electric sirens during a technical inspection.

On Sunday evening, September 4, Russian troops shelled two districts of Kharkiv, two people were injured.