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Turkey will double the production of Bayraktars

Turkey will double the production of Bayraktars

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Turkish strike drone manufacturer Baykar Makina is set to more than double the production of Bayraktar TB2 drones, which gained popularity after the war in Ukraine.

In a conversation with the Anadolu agency, company's general director Haluk Bayraktar said that currently the company's production potential for this model is limited to 200 units per year. Next year, it is planned to increase this number to 500, and Bayraktar Akıncı to 40.

We are trying to increase their production capacity by making huge investments every year. Recently, there has been a particularly high demand for exports, he said.

According to him, 24 countries have already become buyers of Bayraktar TB2, exports account for 98% of the company's revenues.

As reported by Ukrainian News Agency, the management of Baykar Makina previously stated its reluctance to sell its drones to Russia for any money.

The organization emphasized that enrichment is not a priority for them, and the Bayraktar family seeks to help in the struggle to create a fairer and more equal world. The company also does not want to sacrifice its friendship with Kyiv, which was the first to buy their combat drones. In addition, Turkey denied Moscow the construction of a joint venture for the production of UAVs.

As a result, Russia had to purchase Iranian drones copied from American devices. The first batch received turned out to be defective, during test flights the system gave errors and crashed.