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Zelenskyy Couple Forbids To Rent Their Villa In Italy To Russians - Media

Zelenskyy Couple Forbids To Rent Their Villa In Italy To Russians - Media

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife Olena forbade rent their villa in the Italian commune of Forte dei Marmi to the Russians. Claudio Salvini, real estate agent of Forte dei Marmi Villas, reported this to the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

"We have a warrant from the owner that categorically prohibits us from doing so. We can rent it to anyone of a different nationality: Europeans, Americans and others," he commented.

We are talking about the villa of Vittoria Apuana in the Tuscany region. Salvini said the property is owned by a company in Cyprus owned by Olena Zelenska. Journalists write that for several days on the coast of Versilia (part of Tuscany) there were rumors about the rental of the Russian couple of Vittoria Apuana villa in Forte dei Marmi.

Another Italian newspaper IL Tirreno spread the word that the Zelenskyy couple had rented the villa for EUR 50,000 a month to a couple from Russia. The authors of the material write about allegedly open negotiations on renting real estate with Korean tourists.

 Koreans, according to the publication, wanted to rent a villa for August at a price of EUR 50,000 to EUR 70,000, but the auction settled on the choice of tenants from the Russian Federation, who now live and work in London, the material says.

Claudio Salvini denied this information. Olena Zelenska instructed the company to rent a villa with a separate point - without Russians. Realtor assures that the villa was indeed rented out to the couple for the summer, but cannot say whether they live in London or not.

"The contract was made with a man. But now the villa is free, it is back on the market. If you want to rent it, you can do it," Salvini emphasized.

The agent suggested that some people might have accidentally heard Russian and assumed that there were Russians in the house.

"I categorically deny it. They may have been guests, but not the ones who rented... I can't add anything else, for privacy reasons in particular. But what is reported is not true," the real estate agent concluded.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, a photo of the Italian villa of Zelenskyy with a pool and a gym was recently published.

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