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Germany And France Oppose Banning All Russians From Entering EU

Germany And France Oppose Banning All Russians From Entering EU

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The governments of Germany and France have jointly opposed the ban on visas for entry into the EU for all citizens of the Russian Federation.

They presented this position to the ministers of other EU countries who meet in Prague on August 30 and 31, European Truth reports with reference to Zeit.

"We need to think about smart ways to use important visa levers," the document says.

According to Berlin and Paris, applications from Russian citizens should be carefully checked for possible security risks. At the same time, they argue, the impact of the immediate experience of living in democracies should not be underestimated, especially for future generations.

"Our visa policy should show this and continue to allow personal contacts in the EU with Russian citizens who are not associated with the Russian government," the government position said.

Therefore, Germany and France want to maintain a legislative framework that allows students, artists, scientists and specialists, in particular, to enter the EU - regardless of whether they may face political persecution.

In addition, they warn that in the case of a visa ban, so-called "pooling around the flag" effects may arise. This means that citizens sometimes tend to collectively support their government in the event of attacks and provocations from outside.

Austria also confirmed that it opposes a ban on entry for Russian citizens.

"We should not throw the child away along with the water. A blanket visa ban on Russian citizens would completely cut off the last contact with Russian civil society," Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg said.

"It would be absurd to block the path to the West for critical voices in Russia right now," he added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Hungary is against visa restrictions for Russians.

European Union foreign ministers at a meeting on August 31 will discuss visa restrictions for Russians amid the war in Ukraine.