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Occupiers Fired At Red Cross Base In Sloviyansk

Occupiers Fired At Red Cross Base In Sloviyansk

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On Monday, August 29, the Russian occupiers shelled the base of the evacuation squad of the Ukrainian Red Cross in Sloviyansk, Donetsk region. The Russians fired from 152 mm barrel artillery. This was announced by the commander of the rapid response unit of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, Taras Lohhinov, on Facebook.

So, it is reported that a total of four shells were fired at the center. As a result of the shelling, the building was destroyed and three cars were damaged. Fortunately, none of the volunteers were injured. The Evacuation Squad was located in the destroyed building, which since April 18 was involved in the evacuation of injured, sick, and less mobile civilian local residents.

Also, representatives of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine delivered food and hygiene kits, tarpaulin and polyethylene for house repairs, blankets, medicines and drinking water to the local population.

It is noted that this place is marked on all maps as the residence of the Red Cross, the Russian command knew about it. There were no military facilities either on the base itself or in the neighborhood. All volunteers on the remaining equipment will continue the evacuation of the civilian population.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, units of the Russian occupation army tried to storm the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donetsk region, but could not succeed.

The Russians shelled Sloviyansk on August 29.