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Belgium Will Provide EUR 8 Million Assistance For AFU

Belgium Will Provide EUR 8 Million Assistance For AFU

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Belgium will provide assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the amount of EUR 8 million.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium Hadja Lahbib has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Belgium will provide EUR 8 million in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces through NATO," it was said.

It is explained that Belgium will make a voluntary contribution to the so-called NATO Comprehensive Assistance Package (CAP) trust fund, which provides support in the form of non-lethal types of assistance to Ukraine.

In particular, Belgium's funds will be used to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with first aid equipment (including first aid kits), winter clothes, night vision glasses.

Belgium's contribution is the result of a decision by NATO heads of state and government at a meeting in Madrid, Spain, at the end of June.

"There, on behalf of a number of countries, including Belgium, it was decided that the non-lethal support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces through the trust fund would be significantly expanded to allow Ukraine to resist Russian aggression and prepare for post-war reconstruction. The CAP trust fund was created in 2016 after the annexation of Crimea by Russia and has united and strengthened various NATO initiatives in support of Ukraine as a partner country and a potential member. After the Russian invasion earlier this year, CAP was revised and adapted to new circumstances," it was said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine received USD 3 billion of a USD 4.5 billion grant from the United States from the World Bank Trust Fund.

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