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Turkish Baykar Will Not Sell Bayraktar Drones To Russia

Turkish Baykar Will Not Sell Bayraktar Drones To Russia

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The Turkish company Baykar will not sell its Bayraktar drones to Russia, no matter what amount it is offered.

Haluk Bayraktar, the CEO of the Turkish company Baykar, stated this in an interview with the BBC, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

When asked what he feels from the fact that Bayraktar has become a kind of symbol of freedom for Ukrainians, Haluk noted that he is proud that the technologies they developed support Ukraine in the struggle for independence.

He added that Ukraine is fighting for a free world.

Haluk stressed that his company is completely on the side of Ukraine, which has suffered "an unfair, aggressive and unjustified attack."

“Money is not a priority for us. Money and material resources have never been a target in our business. Our friendship and cooperation with Ukraine have been going on for many years. Therefore, no matter how much money we are offered, frankly, there can be no question of giving them (Russia) them in this situation. During this period, all our support is completely on the side of Ukraine. Since we have a very strong connection, and Ukraine is subjected to an unfair, aggressive and unreasonable attack. And therefore, nothing will overshadow our cooperation with Ukraine. No matter what amount is offered, our position on this matter is clear," said the Baykar CEO.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Baykar Makina company (Turkey), which produces unmanned aerial vehicles, registered its company in Ukraine and acquired a land plot for the construction of a plant for the production of Bayraktar UAVs.

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