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Seize Ukraine, but "wait" for now. Pentagon reveals Putin's plans

Seize Ukraine, but "wait" for now. Pentagon reveals Putin's plans

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In the United States, they believe that despite the complete failure of the war in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has not abandoned his plan to seize most of the country.

This was stated by the U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl at a briefing.

According to him, the President of the Russian Federation also continues to pursue the goal of changing the government in Kyiv.

"Now Putin's strategy is to wait out the Ukrainians. That is, to intensify the offensive when the people are exhausted from the war," Kahl said.

Mr. Kahl added that as for Europe, Putin is waiting for them to get tired of high energy prices there.

As Ukrainian News wrote, six months have already passed since Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The occupiers were never able to completely capture any Ukrainian region, including Luhansk region.

Russia has failed to achieve most of its objectives and has weakened its diplomatic, economic and military positions compared to the pre-invasion situation.

Meanwhile, during the six months of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian losses amounted to 45,700 servicemen.


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