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No new Minsk, Ukraine not ready for ceasefire negotiations with Russia – Zelenskyy

No new Minsk, Ukraine not ready for ceasefire negotiations with Russia – Zelenskyy

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Currently, Ukraine is not ready for negotiations with Russia regarding a ceasefire, as our country does not want to repeat the negative experience of the Minsk agreements, which led to the loss of control over our territories.

This was announced by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at a press conference following the results of the second summit of the Crimean Platform in Kyiv on Tuesday, August 23.

"At the point where we are, we are not ready for a ceasefire. We explained that there will be no Minsk-3, or Minsk-5, or Minsk-7. We will not play these games, we lost a part of our territories that way. And everyone understands this very well; everyone heard it from us, because it is a trap. We understand this," Zelenskyy explained.

The president noted that the ceasefire regime could drag on for years, and Ukraine would be left without part of the territories in the south and would have no access to the sea, and after some time Russia could start military operations again, trying to take Mykolayiv, Odesa, and even repeat the attempt to capture Kyiv.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on August 23, Zelenskyy stated that if the trial of captured Ukrainian soldiers is held in the occupied Mariupol, further diplomatic relations with Russia will be impossible.

The President also assured that the Ukrainian flag will soon fly again over the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, particularly in Crimea.

Zelenskyy emphasized that Ukraine will definitely return to Crimea.


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