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"DPR" Wants To Hold "Tribunal" Over Ukrainian POWs Despite Zelenskyy's Statement

"DPR" Wants To Hold "Tribunal" Over Ukrainian POWs Despite Zelenskyy's Statement

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that Russian-Ukrainian negotiations will become impossible if a "tribunal" of Ukrainian prisoners of war is held in Mariupol, captured by the Russian Federation.

The President stated this in his address on August 21.

"This will be the line behind which no negotiations are possible. Russia will cut itself off from the negotiations. There will be no more talks," Zelenskyy said.

However, the head of the "DPR" group, Denys Pushylin, who confirmed the preparation for the "trial", once again stated that the "tribunal" will take place in Mariupol.

Pushylin noted that "materials regarding 80 episodes of Azov's crimes" are completely ready, and 23 people "have already been arrested."

"That's why we cannot be influenced by Zelenskyy's statements," Pushylin said during an interview with Russian propagandists.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine called for the world to prevent the “trial” in Mariupol of the captured Ukrainian defenders.

The "DPR" faction decided on the terms of the so-called "tribunal" over Ukrainian prisoners of war in Mariupol: they want to hold it before the end of summer, probably before the Independence Day of Ukraine, which is celebrated on August 24.