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Klitschko Urges Kyiv Residents To Prepare Warm Home Clothes And Blankets For Winter

Klitschko Urges Kyiv Residents To Prepare Warm Home Clothes And Blankets For Winter

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Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko called on Kyiv residents to prepare warm home clothes and blankets for winter. He said this in an interview with the Babel publication, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"We will do everything possible and impossible, which depends on us, so that the homes will be warm. But I ask everyone to prepare warm home clothes, warm blankets, because we do not rule out that the temperature in the homes will be several degrees below the norm. The norm is 21 degrees, and it could be 19 or 18. There could be power outages," Klitschko said.

He emphasized that the city will do everything in its power to prevent this from happening.

At the same time, the mayor noted that gas is the responsibility of the government, which assured that gas will be supplied to the population without an increase in price. Klitschko added that it cannot be ruled out that there may be acts of terrorism, attacks on gas stations.

The city also takes into account this scenario - generators and fuel for them were purchased. First of all, they will be transferred to hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

If there is no heating or gas, the city has fuel oil reserves that will allow it to function autonomously for some time. Klitschko added that this is calculated for a short period of time, which is needed to solve the problem.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Minister of Communities and Territorial Development Oleksii Chernyshov said that the upcoming heating season will be very difficult for Ukraine, but heating tariffs will remain unchanged. According to him, the optimal temperature in the house should fluctuate between 18-20 degrees, but not below 16 degrees.

Klitschko also said that he is divorcing his wife Nataliya after 25 years of marriage.