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41,000 people leave Ukraine on August 10

41,000 people leave Ukraine on August 10

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During August 10, a total of 82,000 people and more than 18,000 vehicles crossed the western border of Ukraine with the EU and Moldova.

That follows from a statement by the Western regional office of the State Border Service.

More than 41,000 people left Ukraine last day.

24,000 of them crossed the border with Poland, the rest went to other EU countries and Moldova.

Almost 41,000 people came to Ukraine over the past day, 37,000 of them were citizens of Ukraine.

Also, 84 trucks with humanitarian aid were registered in one day.

As of 9 a.m., August 11, lines at the borders with neighboring countries, for departure from Ukraine, were recorded at the following checkpoints:

Republic of Poland:

Ustyluh - 15 passenger cars, 0 buses (pedestrians are not allowed to pass).

Uhryniv - 40 passenger cars, 0 buses, 0 pedestrians (pedestrians are only allowed to exit for the purpose of evacuation).

Krakow - 40 passenger cars, buses are temporarily not allowed to leave, pedestrians are not allowed.

Shehyni - 50 passenger cars, 16 buses, 110 pedestrians (pedestrians are allowed to pass in both directions).

Slovak Republic:

Uzhhorod - 20 passenger cars, 0 buses, 0 pedestrians (pedestrians are only allowed to exit).


Porubne - 80 passenger cars, 0 buses, 0 pedestrians.

As reported by Ukrainian News Agency, the movement of cars through Krakow on the border with Poland has been restored.


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