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AFU destroy enemy command post in the south, occupiers suffer significant losses

AFU destroy enemy command post in the south, occupiers suffer significant losses

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On the southern borders of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck on the command posts and control posts of the enemy troops.

This was reported by the South Operational Command.

"During the day, the enemy carried out 8 airstrikes by helicopters and attack aircraft along the contact line to test our positions. They proved to be strong. No casualties reported. Halitsynove was shelled with heavy 152-caliber artillery. No losses and significant destruction were detected. All the hits came outside the village. During the combat day, we carried out 6 airstrikes. Twice the work of assault aircraft was ensured against a strong point and a cell of the enemy's manpower, weapons and equipment in the Beryslav district," the statement says.

In particular, bombers twice attacked two ammunition warehouses and another equipment center in Bashtanka district.

Helicopters hit a stronghold and a concentration of manpower, weapons and equipment of the enemy army twice.

During the enemy's attempt to conduct aerial reconnaissance in Mykolayiv district, the Eleron-3 unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile unit.

According to the results of firing tasks by the Ukrainian missile and artillery units, the enemy lost 41 soldiers, 3 howitzers Msta-B, 7 units of armored and conventional vehicles. The final results are being investigated.

"In the area of ​​Novokamiyanka, we fired at the command post of the 126th Separate Coast Guard Brigade of the Coast Guard of the Russian Navy, and near the Chervonyi Mayak, thanks to our efforts, the 49th enemy army was left without its command post. In Ishchenka, we destroyed a command and observation post of a battalion tactical group of the Airborne Assault Division, and an ammunition depot in the area of Barvinka," the message reads.

An enemy ship group of 10 ships is sheltering from a storm in the Black Sea near the coast of Crimea. 2 missile launchers and 2 Big Landing Ships are remaining on combat duty. 16 Calibers are ready for use.

As reported by Ukrainian News Agency, the Russian Federation lost nine planes at the airfield in Crimea. The respective satellite images have been published to prove that.