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EU, Britain stop importing Russian coal

EU, Britain stop importing Russian coal

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Since August 10, the European Union and Great Britain have imposed an embargo on the import of Russian coal in response to the full-scale invasion of the aggressor country Russia into Ukraine.

This is reported by the Yevropeiska Pravda online media.

The fifth package of EU sanctions against Russia prohibits the purchase, import or transportation of coal and other solid fossil fuels to EU countries from August 2022, if they originate from or are exported from Russia.

The European embargo on Russian coal will cost the aggressor country Russia EUR 8 billion annually and affect almost a quarter of its coal imports.

As for Great Britain, on July 21, an amendment to the sanctions regime against Russia, banning the import of coal, entered into force there.

This amendment prohibits the import of Russian oil and oil products, coal and coal products, and gold, as well as the purchase, supply, and delivery, directly or indirectly, of these goods. At the same time, it is forbidden in Britain to provide technical assistance, funds, or brokerage services related to these Russian goods.

As Ukrainian News wrote, on April 8, the European Union approved the fifth package of sanctions against Russia, which, among other things, provides for the refusal to purchase Russian coal.

We also reported that on July 21, the British government expanded sanctions against the Russian Federation and banned the import of Russian coal, oil and gold.


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