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First 39 railcars of coal from Australia arrive at a Ukrainian TPP – Energy Ministry

First 39 railcars of coal from Australia arrive at a Ukrainian TPP – Energy Ministry

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The first 39 railcars of coal from Australia have arrived at one of the generating enterprises of the Centrenergo energy generating company.

That follows from a statement by the Ministry of Energy, reports Ukrainian News Agency.

According to the report, a total of 79,000 tons of coal provided as part of humanitarian aid from the Australian government should be delivered to Ukraine.

"We thank the government of Australia for its support and contribution to the reliable energy supply of Ukraine this heating season, which will be the most difficult in recent decades," stressed the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko.

He also expressed gratitude to Polish partners for their help in the logistics of Australian coal.

At the same time, Halushchenko emphasized that preparations for the autumn-winter period are proceeding under the plan, coal accumulation is taking place in accordance with the approved schedule.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, according to the Ministry of Energy, as of the beginning of August, 1.83 million tons of coal from the planned 2.5 million tons had been stored in the warehouses of Ukrainian thermal power plants (TPPs) and combined heat power plants (CHPPs).

Centrenergo includes 3 TPPs: Vuhlehirska (Donetsk region), Zmiivska (Kharkiv region) and Trypilska (Kyiv region), the total design capacity of which is 7,660 MW, which is about 14% of the total installed capacity of Ukraine.

The company's TPPs has 23 power units with a capacity of 175 to 800 MW, of which 18 units are coal-fired, and 5 are intended for the use of gas and oil fuel.

78.289% of the company's shares belong to the state on behalf of the State Property Fund.

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