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Putin During Meeting With Erdogan Wants To Ask Him For Help In Circumventing Western Sanctions - Media

Putin During Meeting With Erdogan Wants To Ask Him For Help In Circumventing Western Sanctions - Media

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan today, intends to ask him to help ease the impact of large-scale Western sanctions.

The Washington Post reports this.

Russia appeals to potential trading partners with a request to help circumvent large-scale Western sanctions that damage the banking, energy and industrial sectors of the Russian Federation.

Today's meeting between Putin and Erdogan will be the second in the past few weeks, and it is alarming that the Kremlin may strengthen economic ties with a country that has not joined the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

According to the intelligence services of Ukraine, which is referred to by the publication, Russia calls on Turkiye to allow the Russian Federation to buy shares of Turkish oil refineries, oil terminals and tanks.

According to experts, this will help Russia hide the origin of its oil exports at the time when the European Union embargo of oil imports from the Russian Federation will fully enter into force next year.

Russia also wants to ask to allow several Turkish state-owned banks to provide correspondent accounts to the largest Russian banks, which will allow Russian industrial companies to work in Turkiye's free economic zones.

Analysts do not see signs that Erdogan will support Russia's proposals, as they put Turkish banks and companies at risk of secondary sanctions, which will block their access to Western markets.

A senior Turkish government official said in a comment to the publication that Turkiye is committed to the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine.

At the same time, he added that Turkiye fundamentally joins only those sanctions against Russia that are imposed exclusively by the United Nations.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier wrote, in the second half of July, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell said that the sanctions imposed against Russia work, but it takes a long time for the desired effect.

We also wrote that as of the second half of June, the plan for sanctions pressure on Russia was almost half implemented.