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Invaders In Donbas Are Way Behind On Their Timelines, Far Behind On Their Objectives - US DoD

Invaders In Donbas Are Way Behind On Their Timelines, Far Behind On Their Objectives - US DoD

U.S. Department of Defense, HIMARS, senior defense official

The Russian invaders are way behind on their timelines for the capture of Ukraine, their plans have been significantly slowed down by the successful counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is stated in the message of the U.S. Department of Defense with reference to the speech of a senior defense official during a briefing.

So, it is reported that the invaders suffered significant losses in the east of Ukraine and did not fulfill the tasks set at the beginning of the offensive.

In addition, it is noted that the Russians are attacking in Luhansk and Donetsk regions not according to their schedule.

According to the official, the Russian troops are making very incremental, limited, hard-fought, highly-costly progress in certain, select, small spaces in the Donbas, they're way behind on their timelines and far behind on their objectives. 

In addition, he stressed that in recent weeks, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to inflict tangible counterattacks on the enemy in response, in particular, on ammunition depots of Russians. The United States associate the successes of the Ukrainian military with the effective use of HIMARS transferred by the allies.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, as of the morning of the 136th day of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the invaders attempted to establish control over the territory of the Vuhlehirska TPP and improve the tactical position in the Dolomytne area. The Armed Forces of Ukraine thwarted the attempt and pushed the invaders back to their previous positions. The invaders suffer significant losses.

Meanwhile, the losses of the invaders exceeded 37,000 military.

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