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AFU destroy enemy Uragan MLRSes

AFU destroy enemy Uragan MLRSes

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The 3rd Separate Special Forces Regiment named after Prince Sviyatoslav the Brave has destroyed several Russian MLRSes Uragan. The video was posted on the Special Operation Forces’ Facebook page.

"The invaders brought their MLRSes and all the necessary equipment for their operation to a place that they thought was very convenient for themselves. And as it is, unfortunately, it was traditionally prepared to fire at the positions of the defense forces. And the worst thing is to hit the civilian population," said Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukrainian operators reconnoitered the location of the priority targets of enemy equipment and attacked them using drones. Further, the fighters corrected the fire of our artillerymen on the positions of the invaders.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, Ukrainian defenders destroyed two enemy ammunition depots near Chornobayivka and Snihurivka.

Also, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed one of the four military bases of the invaders in Melitopol and inflicted over 30 strikes on the enemy.

In addition, since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian occupiers have lost about 35,870 military personnel.


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