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SSU Convicts Assistant To MP Zdebskyi (Servant Of The People) Of Treason

SSU Convicts Assistant To MP Zdebskyi (Servant Of The People) Of Treason

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The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) convicted the assistant to the Member of Parliament Yurii Zdebskyi (Servant of the People) of high treason.

This was reported to Ukrainian News Agency by a source in law enforcement agencies.

He did not provide other details.

At the same time, according to the press service of the SSU, an assistant to one of the MPs, being an agent of the Russian Federation, carried out reconnaissance and subversive activities in the authorities.

He was recruited by an employee of the 9th directorate of the 5th FSB service, Yuri Vodolazky, during a trip to Moscow.

Subsequently, he handed over the assistant to the MP for "communication" with his leader, Dmitry Zubarev.

The traitor passed on intelligence to his Russian curator about international cooperation, domestic policy, strengthening the border with the Russian Federation and the conduct of the ATO/JFO in eastern Ukraine.

For cooperation with the enemy, he received from the Russian special services from USD 1,500 to USD 4,000.

To collect intelligence, the assistant to the MP used a wide range of personal acquaintances and status.

SSU investigators served him with suspicion of high treason, and the court chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention.

At present, the pre-trial investigation has been completed, the materials have been submitted to the court.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, the head of the public union tried to bribe Member of Parliament Oleksandr Sanchenko (“Servant of the People) for USD 100,000.