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Border Service Tells About Situation On Border With Belarus And Transnistria

Border Service Tells About Situation On Border With Belarus And Transnistria

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The State Border Guard Service does not record signs of the formation of strike groups of troops for an offensive from the territory of Belarus, Transnistria or the Russian Federation. This was stated at a briefing by the speaker of the State Border Guard Service Andrii Demchenko.

"At the moment, we do not note significant changes in the situation and the nature of the activities of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus. No signs of the formation of enemy offensive groups have been identified. Belarusian units on a rotational basis continue to perform tasks to cover the Belarusian-Ukrainian section of the border within Brest and Gomel regions," he clarified.

On the Transnistrian segment of the border, the situation has not changed significantly either.

"Together with other components of the security and defense sector, we continue to carry out intensive service ... Measures are being taken to prevent provocations in this direction," Demchenko said.

The Russian Federation continues to hold separate units of the armed forces in the border areas of Bryansk and Kursk regions in order to demonstrate the presence and constrain the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"However, just like on the border with Belarus, we do not record the formation of a strike force by the enemy to resume the offensive in this direction. At the same time, Russia does not stop shelling the territory of Chernihiv region and especially Sumy region. The enemy daily opens fire from artillery, mortars, small arms," stressed the speaker of the State Border Guard Service.

There are also ongoing cases of dropping explosive devices from drones.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, on July 2, the self-proclaimed president of Belarus said that Ukraine was trying to drag Belarus into the war.

Also on July 2, Lukashenko said that Ukraine allegedly fired missiles at the territory of Belarus.

On June 30, Lukashenko said that Russia and Belarus should be ready for the use nuclear weapons.